Closure of Private Limited Company

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Closure of Private Limited Company

Are you facing many complications and challenges to run your business smoothly ??? Does your business experienced continuous losses since long ??? Closing your business is a best legal solution for such situations.

Sometimes it may happen that, things would not work as expected and your business may suffer a huge loss. As a result of this situation, you may fail to file mandatory compliances and heavy penalties would be charged. To avoid those heavy penalties, it is better to close your private limited company or sell it or transfer it to another person or company.

Legal Solutions to Close a Private Limited Company:

Following are the possible legal solutions by which a private limited company can be closed:


  • Sell Your Company:


Selling a private limited company can be done by selling the major shares of the company.  


  • Mandatory Winding Up:


If any company registered under Companies Act, 2013, found contributing to any kind of fraudulent or unlawful activities or did any such acts on its own, then as per section 270 of the Companies Act, 2013, such company would be closed compulsorily by the Tribunals or Members.


  • Voluntary Winding Up:


Shareholders of company can wind up private limited company voluntarily at any time. All the outstanding dues of the company must be settled before winding up.


  • Defunct Company Winding Up:


Any private limited company which has gained position of dormant company is called as Defunct Company. Such company can use Form FTE to strike off its name from the register of Registrar of Company.  

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